Selected Past Projects

Project Details


Scope of Work and Outputs

Child Safeguarding Policy Guiding Note and Road Map
African Child Policy Forum (internal)
  • Developed a guiding note and Road Map to implementation for the newly formed Child Safeguarding Policy.
  • Facilitated a five-module training program with practical examples.
Child Participation Policy Implementation Plan
African Child Policy Forum (internal)
  • Built an Implementation Plan for the Child Participation Policy that included engagement tools and a road map for implementation. The concepts were informed by consultations with ACPF staff and integrated into the documentation.
  • Facilitated a five-module training program with relevant case study scenarios.
Children and Vulnerable Adults Protection and Safeguarding Policy
Fairtrade Africa (internal)
  • Modified the existing Policy to integrate vulnerable adults.
  • Collaborated with local partners to complete consultations with children in the region and staff to inform the critical areas of the Policy. The perspectives were integrated into the final documentation.
  • Facilitated a virtual training program as an overview of the Policy.
Children and Armed Conflict Research Paper
Canadian Defence Academy (internal)
  • Authored a Research Paper focusing on:
  • Adapting CAF Implementation of the VP to Non-UN Settings;
  • Conceptual Links and Differences Across Child Soldiers,
  • Children and Armed Conflict; and Emerging Issues in Child Protection.
  • Recommended strategies for integrating the Vancouver Principles.
  • Organized focus group discussions with children to understand which images, concepts and characters they wanted on the poster and summary.
  • Translated the ACRWC into child-friendly language with examples, games and engaging activities for groups or individuals.
  • Summarized each article onto a poster with feedback from children across the African continent.
  • Finalized high-quality, child-friendly documentation (summary and poster) in English, French and Portuguese.
Framework for Analysing the Rights of Girls in Africa: Child Friendly Version
African Child Policy Forum (internal)
  • Coordinated child consultations with girls in focus groups about specific areas in their life they wanted to see discussed in the final documentation.
  • Designed an interactive book with comics based on the areas identified by the girls. The book included children from diverse population groups as narrators for the story, discussing safety, rights, laws, education, family and aspirations.
  • Authored five Thematic Briefs on the impact of COVID-19 on Adolescents and Young People focusing on: Education, Health, Protection, and Child and Youth Participation.
  • Guided a presentation about the briefs at the G20 Summit in 2021.
Child Participation Guidelines for ACERWC, AU Member States, RECs and CSOs
ACERWC Secretariat AUC & Save the Children ESARO (internal)
  • Developed six accompanying Country Briefs on the status of harmonization and implementation of laws and policies in the six EAC Partner States.
  • Wrote child-friendly text based on the existing East African Community (EAC) Child Policy.
  • Supported character and graphic design and engaging activities.
  • Formulated workshop materials for facilitators of the guide.