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We are committed to Justice, Equity, Diversity, Decolonization and Indigenization (JEDDI) in our work.  We are constantly learning and evolving in order to make sure our work is creative, transformative and just. Please note that we invest all income generated through our work into community projects and initiatives.

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“Participatory processes, reflective research, best practices scans, and data analysis informs our team’s creative and transformative planning practice.” 
– Dr. Cherie Enns

COVID-19 Health Emergency

Our team is continuing to work virtually and has already begun to implement re-imagined engagement strategies, methods, and digital tools reflecting current COVID19 health directives. In addition, Transformative Community Planning and Policy has created a free resource and illustrated e-storybook for children and families in response to the disruptions caused by COVID19.

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Child Rights and Displacement in East Africa

Agency and Spatial Justice in Planning Policy
By Cherie C. Enns, Willibard J. Kombe

Copyright Year 2023

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“I want to express my gratitude for this thorough report. There was so much great information and facts -  
and the FACTS are what we need! I believe this report will go a long way in helping us be successful in our application for provincial funding and hopefully adding many more daycare spaces for Pitt Meadows.”

– Councilor Simpson, City of Pitt Meadows (Regular Meeting of Council - April 28, 2020)

Our Values

We believe that transformative community planning requires a human-centered approach
We strive to be forward-thinking in our community engagement and design of participatory tools and assessment techniques
We believe in the power of each voice and in providing a platform for meaningful conversation
We aim to maximise a more spatially just planning response
We are dedicated to building resiliency, equity, and vibrancy in communities
We aim to be collaborative, inclusive, and responsive in our work
We are committed to building capacity in our clients, ourselves,
and in others

What we do: