Public Engagement, Placemaking, Story Telling, Accessible Policy Documents & Training 

The connection between inclusive public engagement and good community planning is indisputable.

Nonetheless, designing public engagement programs to be truly inclusive and equitable takes creativity, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to developing a deeper understanding of people and communities.

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Citizens are an important source of knowledge and collective wisdom; thus, engagement programs need to be co-designed with their input.
Public engagement programs, processes, and methods need to respect the community’s shared – and diverging – interests, needs and values.
Engagement should be beneficial to the project and the participants, build social capital, and when possible - it should also
be fun!
Barriers to participation need to be identified and reduced. Accommodations need to be anticipated and provided.
“Participatory processes, reflective research, best practices scans, and data analysis informs our creative and transformative planning practice.”

– Dr. Cherie Enns

Our Approach
to Engagement:

Transformative Community Planning and Policy is committed to increasing participant diversity and addressing representation inequalities during every stage of the engagement process. Not only does this require a diverse approach; it also requires creativity, dedication, and finesse!

Our Engagement Experience and Expertise


  • Reaching hard-to-reach and often less visible populations
  • Working with seniors, youth, children, refugees, newcomers & homeless populations


  • Balancing structured, semi-structured, and informal methods of engagement
  • Using project branding, infographics, and animation to improve engagement processes
  • Using video, animation, and photos to record engagement and boost participation
  • Creating new engagement methods and improving existing ones


  • Repairing relationships and improving understanding among stakeholders
  • Using graphic recording to support engagement and planning processes
  • Building networks of community ambassadors to further engagement participation
  • Holding neighborhood meetings, town-halls, and open-houses
  • Establishing steering committees and citizen juries


  • Hosting “pop-ups,” designing project storefronts, and placemaking events
  • Facilitating story gathering in a respectful and sensitive manner


  • Creating online surveys, discussion forums, and electronic feedback forms
  • Facilitating stakeholder interviews, workshops, and focus groups
  • Hosting strategic planning sessions and scenario workshops


  • Designing learning channels for cities, organizations, and non-profits.
  • Hosting webinars and virtual training
  • Designing and facilitating opportunities to build capacity

We work with animators, experts in virtual reality to collaboratively apply human centred design to place making, training, innovation and program development. We work with marginalized groups globally to write and transform policy documents so accessible. 
Please contact us for a quote related to training or for transforming policy documents.