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As a Boutique Planning Consulting Firm, we create customized project teams, comprised of independent planning consultants specifically selected to meet the needs of your project and the communities you serve. 

Our multifaceted team of dedicated planners, consultants, and engagement specialists, are committed to producing quality results, including research-informed policy reports, age-friendly community engagement, accessible training, meaningful educational opportunities, and securing the funds needed to take a vision of the future and turn it into reality.  

We work with municipalities, Indigenous communities, private industry, and non-profit organizations locally and internationally. We get people engaged, connected, working together, and generating solutions which build better plans, strategies, and communities.  

Transformative Community Planning and Policy applies an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to consultation, project management, training, and education by drawing on a wealth of collective knowledge, expertise, tools, and skills, while adapting to evolving trends and best practice. 

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Dr. Cherie Enns, RPP


Cherie is the owner and operator of Transformative Community Planning and Policy. She holds a PhD in International Policy and Program Management; and a Master of Arts in Community and Regional Planning. She is a Registered Professional Planner (RPP) with full membership in the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP). Cherie has over 30 years’ experience in social development and planning, consultation and engagement, and urban design and intervention, both in Canada and abroad.

Cherie specializes in age-friendly planning, project management, child rights, age friendly cities, e-learning, social housing, homelessness, children at-risk, policy analysis and development, and humanitarian aid effectiveness. Cherie is highly skilled in all areas of community outreach, engagement, and facilitation, including gaining critical information based on community members’ knowledge and experiences.

She has initiated and led international projects related to child rights, food systems, sustainable development goals (SDGs), urban planning policy, and youth engagement. She has experience managing programs, mobilizing resources, and working on projects in several countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Somalia, DRC, Rwanda and India. She has more recently led several humanitarian projects within the Eastern Africa Community.


Consultants that work or have worked with Transformative Community Planning and Policy. Each project involves organizing an expert team in policy, animation, design, research and translation.

Kristin Swardh

Social Worker

Kristin Swardh has a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of the Fraser Valley. She is completing a Master of Social Work degree specializing in Social Justice and Diversity at the University of Toronto.

Guided by structural social work theory, Kristin's professional practice includes engaging with social issues surrounding gender-based violence, child protection, and human rights. Kristin's work has taken her across Canada with work in government and non-profit sectors and research with the Ardhi University Institute of Human Settlement Studies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Aga Khan University East Africa Institute Nairobi, Kenya. Her most recent experience focuses on child consultation projects with Transformative Community Planning and Policy and developing child-friendly text to government documents, which aligns with her passion for bringing perspectives of the client population to the services they access.

Yvonne Gamuchirai Tagwireyi

Public Policy, 15 years
Child Rights Legal Researcher
& Political-Economic Analyst

A result-oriented, quality-driven Legal Researcher and PolicySpecialist with
15 years of experience in the child rights sector. My areas of expertise include child law reform, child protection systems strengthening, child-sensitive social protection, public investment in children programming and international human rights law. Recent work experience and training have helped me develop a sound understanding of international and regional child rights instruments, child-related laws, policies and strategies to promote and protect children’s rights in Africa. I have experience in business development, strategic planning, legal research, and capacity building of government entities and civil society partners in East and Southern Africa. My core competencies are vested in my organizational and interpersonal skills, ability to work under pressure and to see any work I have done through to completion. I value the importance of cultural diversity and am quick to adapt to changing environments, both in humanitarian and development settings.

Nasra Mire

Cross-Cultural Engagement
& Community Development Specialist

Nasra has over 15 years of progressive professional knowledge in developing and implementing strategic plans for NGOs with advanced expertise in food security, education, early childhood development, and capacity building. She has experience in developing and conducting international training courses, managing, and coordinating regional projects and, providing technical advisory services to international non government agencies in strategic and programme planning in material about the SDGs. She has experience and expertise in addressing homelessness issues and developing engagement strategies for more vulnerable populations. Nasra has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and Media, as well as a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Melissa Kendzierski

Graphic Recorder
& Engagement Consultant

Melissa employs the power of visuals to foster engagement, improve understanding and support storytelling. Whether teaming up with a facilitator or working solo, Melissa's recording and facilitation experience includes illustrating graphic histories, recording presenters at conferences, and supporting community and strategic planning processes.

Her most recent experience focuses on engaging aboriginal communities in community and climate change planning and supporting Treaty process communications to band members. Melissa improves engagement process by making complex subject matter more accessible, adding depth in understanding through visuals and participation, and facilitates teams through technical or challenging processes.   

Theresa Alexander

Project Lead
& Engagement Specialist

Theresa is passionate about social planning, community development and implementing meaningful engagement strategies. She is skilled and experienced in leading projects, client and stakeholder communications, data analysis, research, and report writing.

Theresa has a Bachelor of Integrated Studies, with a concentration in Planning,
a minor in Geography, and a Certificate in Indigenous Land Claims from the University of the Fraser Valley. Theresa has a knack for communicating ideas and inspiring participation either face-to-face or using a variety of communication mediums. Theresa recently worked with Transformative Community Planning and Policy to complete Child Care Needs Assessments for the City of Chilliwack and Pitt Meadows, which included extensive engagement and consultation with multiple stakeholder groups and community partners.

Danielle Collins

Graphic Designer

Danielle is an experienced and versatile digital media and graphic designer, passionate about contributing to projects which have a positive impact on communities. She holds a Visual Arts Degree, with a Double Extended Minor in Graphic Design, and an Interactive Digital Design Diploma.

Danielle has created the graphic design elements, marketing materials, reports, and project branding for many of Transformative Community Planning and Policy’s projects including two municipal child care needs assessments and a provincial report on housing for refugee claimants.

She is skilled in client services, advertising, graphic design, illustration, animation, print layout, branding, drawing, painting, photography, HTML coding and web design. From print layout to creating animations, Danielle can do it all. Her ability to clearly communicate complex ideas, build excitement about projects, and incite engagement in others makes her a valuable part of the team.  

Judith Kasiama

Child Rights Specialist

Judith born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo immigrated to Canada in 2010. Obtained her BA in International Studies with a Concentration in History, at Trinity Western University where she explored the area of interest of gender, race and social economics that impact women in the global south. Judith enjoys traveling and learning from the rich diverse culture that the world has to offer and wants to one work as a diplomat. Her travel has been the Middle East, Germany, Poland, United States, and Australia. She has worked on several projects with Transformative Community Planning and Policy, including the research approach for child consultation completed for World Humanitarian Summit.

Derrick Swallow

Urban Planner

Derrick is a committed urban planner specializing in multi-modal transportation, housing policy, and urban design. Part planner, graphic design and data nerd, Derrick is passionate about using data to
tell stories about where we live and to help make decisions about our future. He has dedicated his career to building healthy, sustainable cities that foster creativity and collaboration.  

Derrick received a master's degree in Urban Planning from McGill University where he conducted research on affordable housing strategies and completed a bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of the Fraser Valley.

Daniel Bryce

Urban Planner & GIS Specialist

Daniel has over a decade of professional planning experience on projects with Province of Nova Scotia,Transformative Community Planning and Policy, and several other contracts. Daniel has worked with Transformative Community Planning and Policy since 2007 on projects involving: affordable housing in Summerland, Abbotsford and Peachland, BC; development of the Eminus Academy Mobile Education Platform; Child Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa; and stakeholder engagement for the Representative for Children and Youth BC.

With a Master's in Planning from Dalhousie University, a post-graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from the University of the Fraser Valley, and a bachelor’s degree (Geography Major) focusing on coastal and fluvial processes and community planning.

Daniel knows the importance of displaying and analyzing data spatially for successful planning. With Planning and GIS experience in Kenya, Northern Alberta, Coastal Tanzania, British Columbia, and the Maritimes, Daniel has mapped and analyzed information for the benefit of various government, private sector, academic and not-for-profit projects.

Chelsea Krahn

Urban Planner

Chelsea Krahn obtained her BA in Global Development Studies with a Concentration in Geography, at the University of the Fraser Valley. Chelsea is passionate about placemaking, food systems and advocacy. Chelsea has gained partnership development and project management experience through international opportunities, including an internship in Nairobi, Kenya and as a development associate volunteer at the American Red Cross in NYC. Since 2018, Chelsea has worked on several projects with Transformative Community Planning and Policy, including designing monitoring and evaluations frameworks and writing reports for non-profits, multilateral agencies, and government bodies. In the near future, Chelsea looks to pursue her graduate degree in Urban Planning.

Lisa Harrington

Gender Rights Specialist

Lisa Harrington has a BA in Social Work from the University of the Fraser Valley and has completed her MA in Gender, Violence, and Conflict from the University of Sussex in Brighton, England. Lisa uses feminist approaches to social work, international development, and research, which she has applied in British Columbia, Dar es Salaam Tanzania, and Nairobi Kenya. Her technical expertise is on gender, systemic violence, and sexual violence coupled with a critical analysis based in post-colonial theory and post-structural feminist theory. Lisa is passionate about changing normative violence within international development and fighting the persecution of queer communities. Lisa worked with Transformative Community Planning and Policy on the Child Enabling Environments Initiative with the East African Institute of Aga Khan University. She is currently based in London, England where she continues to be a collaborator of Transformative Community Planning and Policy.

Janna Janzen

Community Resilience Specialist

Janna is a specialist at designing custom community programs and sourcing funding to move them ahead. A holistic thinker, Janna has worked in the fields of grant writing, green-tech, environmental big-data, demand side management, sustainable housing, and energy planning.

As a certified community energy manager, Janna has supported Indigenous communities with formalizing goals and building actionable energy plans to achieve them. She has designed youth mentorship programming and gamified resource planning tools that empower the next generation to think about resilience solutions for their communities. Through her work, Janna seeks to promote environmental and cultural resilience so that communities can adapt to our changing climate while living in right relationship with the land.

Gilbert Limarta

Cross-Cultural Engagement
& Community Development Specialist

Gilbert’s professional background
includes property management, business development and strategic planning.
Gilbert recently worked with Transformative Community Planning and Policy on
co-developing a Housing Policy and Action Plan for Refugee Claimants in the Province of B.C., where he performed an analysis of housing policies and comprehensive needs assessment. Gilbert has a Bachelor of Resource Environmental Management and Business Administration, and a Certificate in Sustainable Community Development (SCD) from Simon Fraser University.

Leanne Julian

Indigenous Advisor

Leanne has a Bachelor of General Studies Degree, with a concentration in Global Indigenous Geography, a minor in Geography and a Certificate in Indigenous Land Claims from the University of the Fraser Valley. She also holds a General Studies diploma, with a Major in the Halq’emeylem Language and a Certificate in Family Child Care.

Leanne has more than 15 years' experience, education, and training related to supporting aboriginal communities, children, and adults impacted by the intergenerational traumas of residential schools and other colonial practices. She has collaborated with and served on many committees related to various aspects of governance, where she has skillfully liaised with staff, committees, clients, community members, and the public.

Leanne’s aboriginal lineage comes from Sts’ailes with extended ties from Katzie
and Matsqui. She is a lifelong learner
and advocate of First Nations’ traditional language, protocols, and practices. She has spent a vast amount of time learning from respected Elders and leaders of Sts’ailes and other Stó:lō communities and works hard to instill this same priority in her family, community, and beyond. In 2019 she received the Lieutenant Governor’s Silver Medal for her work in promoting Indigenous perspectives, reconciliation, and empowering Indigenous communities.

Kira Koepke

Public Health Consultant

With a Master of Science in Global Health, and experience with community-based research, Kira is committed to work that aims to reduce inequity in both global and local contexts. In her role at the Human Early Learning Partnership at UBC, Kira contributes to the coordination, implementation and evaluation of a community population-level survey to capture the social determinants of health impacting families with young children across BC. Kira has experience working closely with Indigenous community partners as well as multi-sectoral stakeholders. Key skills include developing project plans, designing data collection tools, qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, preparation and management of ethics applications, knowledge translation and report and grant writing. Kira has worked on health-related research projects in Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Canada.


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